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   About Hudson Research Inc

  Hudson Research Inc was founded in 1992. In addition to our Internet & Web
  Development activities
, our facility, now located in Mamaroneck
  New York in 18,000 square feet, our facilities include the first full
  service Electro-Optics Foundry, an optical shop,  an electronics lab,
  an electro-optics lab, mechanical fabrication areas,  design facilities,
  technical library, conference and office areas. Hudson Research is
  dedicated to providing its clients with state-of-the-art solutions  to their
  problems. Where appropriate, complete confidentiality is assured.  Our
  intellectual property development skills are matched by few.  While our
  facilities are not geared towards mass production, they allow production of
  optical, electro-optical, & instrument systems to the highest specifications.

Electro-Optic Foundry:  "Your design, our process line..."    Design Rules
  Available          Latest processes...Ferroelectric thin films,
  electro-optic thin films, photocathodes, phosphors, Langmuir-Blodgett
  films, ion-beam processes, sputtering, thermal deposition, e-beam welding,
  heliarc, packaging, testing, QA. technology transfer, etc.

Optical Polishing: Flatness:                     1/50 wave x 50 mm dia max
                                                                                              1/20 wave x 80 mm dia
                                                                                              1/10 wave x 8 inches max.

Thickness (min.):         20 microns (80 mm max dia.) 
                                   Wedge Angles:           +/- 3arc-seconds (80 mm max)

                                                                      +/- 5 arc-seconds (8" max dia)

Chemo-mechanical polishing:  all types of laps and techniques
Oriented Cutting  on Diamond Wire Saw (0.008 inch kerf)
Wafering of All materials  (0.001 inch resolution)
Polarization Alignment for optical and fiber devices
Multiple Interferometers for Alignment, Analysis and QC
Optical Collimation (arc-second resolution)

Mechanical Design, Fabrication & Assembly
Electro-optic Device & System Design & Fabrication/a>
Electronics Design & Fabrication (D.C. > 10 GHz)
System Integration
Simulation and Modeling
Manufacture & Design of Process Equipment 



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