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Everything starts with a design or concept. Hudson Research is proud to have spawned numerous state-of-the-art technologies and designs, both for ourselves and as "ghost designers" for our customers. With over a dozen US patents, five foreign patents, and about six patents currently pending, our claims in this area are well founded. This is not to say that designs that we have proposed have not been controversial. We have had some of the biggest and best companies attack our designs, but so did Robert Fulton (you remember, the Steamboat). In the end, frequently after years have passed, we have been proven correct in all cases. The more vigorous the attack, the more flattered we are.

We can help you by providing a design or technology base, developing it as intellectual property, and reducing it to practice. In some cases the end product is paper, in others it is hardware/software/firmware. We enjoy the most demanding technical challanges. We are also well versed in the fine arts of reverse engineering and "patent busting". Yes, we admit it, but everyone knows that these practices are done regularly in "backrooms". We have saved many of our customers much time and effort by either being aware of things that they weren't, or by dilligent research to determine prior art conflicts. Talk to us. We can help. CONTACT US

  • Intellectual Property Development
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Simulation & Modeling
  • Thin Film Design
  • Thin Film Process Design
  • Reverse Engineering
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  • Electronic Design
  • Medical Device Design & Development
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