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Electro-optics has been one of the major focus areas at Hudson Research since its inception. Our work has been divided between device development and system development. This has resulted in the creation of several important devices and the processes necessary for their production and a number of specific system implementations. We have developed the Variable Electro-Optic Mirror, the Electro-Optic Spatial Filter, and several 2D Spatial Light Modulators. As a result, Hudson Research is now offering its production facilities to others as a foundry service.  We have done extensive work on the development of Analog Optical Computers, Explosives & Contraband Detection, and medical imaging systems. We currently build various optical instruments including interferometers, Foucalt and Universal Optical Testers, Spectroscopes as well as custom designed telescopes and imaging systems
Electro-optic Foundry Variable Electro-Optic Mirror
Electro-Optic Spatial Filter 2D Spatial Light Modulators
Tunneling Optical Matrix Switch  Polarization Sensitive Detector
Quantum Ferroelectric Detectors  

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