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Electro-optics Foundry

As the realization that Electro-Optical (EO) devices can replace electronics devices with substantial performance improvements becomes widespread, a need has arisen for providers of foundry services to manufacture these devices. The situation parallels one found in the semiconductor industry. There, many design companies do not have the technical or financial wherewithal to support captive fabrication activities. There are a large number of houses that are devoted exclusively to the manufacture of custom and semi-custom devices on an OEM basis for other companies. Hudson Research Inc is proud to announce the establishment of a foundry service devoted exclusively to the design and manufacture of EO devices. Hudson Research has added state-of -the-art facilities for the production of these devices as part of an on-going capital expansion program. CONTACT US

The EO Foundry offers the following processes and films:

THIN FILMS: Ferroelectrics
BSO (Bi12SiO20) PLZT
Aluminum Carbon (DLC) Copper
Gold Indium Lead
Molybdenum Nickel Silicon
Stainless Steel Tungsten Zinc

The pure metal forms listed above can be supplied as Oxides, Nitrides, Fluorides, Oxy-Nitrides, and Hydrides of any of the listed films. The following table lists the active Ferroelectric films which are the heart of EO devices.   In addition to the films listed above, we also produce the following specialty films:

* Indium -Tin Oxide Transparent Conductor
* Lead Oxide Photocathode (PIN structure; equivalent to Plumbicon cathode)
* Chalcogenide Photocathodes
* Quantum Ferroelectric (QFE) Photocathode (ultra-broadband; mmWave to X-ray)
* Amorphous Silicon (Si:h) Photocathode
* Phosphors for Display and Detection
* Variable Index of Refraction Layer
* Phase Retardation Layer (single and dual axis)
* Rugate Films (gradient index of refraction)
* Anti-Reflection Coatings
* Bonding Layers
* Alignmrent Layers

The Hudson Research Electro-Optics Foundry offers the following processes and services:

  Ion Beam Deposition & Etch
  Thermal Evaporation
  Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition (PECVD)
  Reactive Ion Etching
  Sputtered Films
  Langmuir-Blodgett Films
  Vacuum Melting
  Float Zone Refining
  E-beam welding
  Heteroepitaxial Films

Other Processes

* Polishing and Lapping
* Chemo-mechanical Polishing
* Oriented Precision Cutting & Wafering
* Thinning
* UV Microlithography

By combining these various films and processes, Hudson Research is able to offer several standard electro-optical devices. These are described elsewhere in this web site, and are:

* Spatial Light Modulators
* Fourier Domain Spatial Filters
* Variable Electro-Optic Mirrors

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