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The Field Emission Display (FED) market is one of the most rapidly expanding areas in modern electronics. Hudson Research Inc has been involved in this area in the development of both components and systems. We have developed one of the brightest display technologies and have done research in the area of thin film phosphors. One of the unique characteristics of our display technology is its ability to be extended to large area displays economically. It conveniently allows displays with dimensions measured in feet rather than inches to be manufactured with high yield.

Hudson Research is offering its large area cathode technology in either a complete package or as a component. This cathode has demonstrated orders of magnitude improvement in performance over Diamond cathodes or Molybdenum microtips. It is a more robust technology and requires a less sophisticated plant for production.                     

One of our other interest areas is the formation of exotic materials by thin film processes. Research at other labs has shown that phosphor screen formed by thin film processes have greatly improved characteristics over those made by the traditional methods. Our ongoing efforts in this area have yielded important results and will serve as the basis for a production process.

The image below is a prototype Field Emission Display test stand that we built to evaluate some of these materials and processes. CONTACT US For further Information

                       Hudson Research FED Display Prototype




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