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   Flash X-Ray Irradiator pat pending


  Hudson Research announces the Flash X-Ray Irradiator (FXI), a low-cost biosterilization system.  It is suitable for postal mail irradiation, product sterilization, and bio-remediation.  This patent pending technology is readily adapted to all forms of postal mail irradiation.  It's compact flat panel x-ray source eliminates most of the bulky hardware associated with traditional x-ray sources.

  It is our position that mail should be irradiated at the point of collection,  as well as in larger central facilities.  This is necessary because because the potential for significant contamination exists between the mailbox and the central office. Mail carriers and their vehicles and anyone who happens to be near them are at significant risk.  Our low-cost Flash Irradiator can be integrated into a mailbox to decontaminate mail as it is deposited.  Mail drops in buildings are easily retrofitted as are mail slots in post offices.  We also propose equipping mail trucks with mobile versions and robotic arms to remove potentially contaminated mail from standard streetside mailboxes.  Shielding is incorporated for personnel safety.

  The Flash Irradiator is based on a large area flat panel x-ray source.  Its cold cathode design eliminates most of the cumbersome power supplies associated with conventional x-ray systems.  Its compact physical shape allows easy integration into many different applications.

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