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Hudson Research Inc is dedicated to providing solutions to problems
faced by industry, government and academia.  We now have two major divisions:

                                   Electromagnetics  and Electro-Optics

The Electromagnetics Division develops and manufactures state of the art Electron Tubes, Pulse Power Systems,  RF Sources including a complete line of TeraHertz Sources and Detectors.  Our manufacturing facility in New York is the only domestic manufacturer of several electron tubes including our proprietary Vircator and MILO devices and power supplies specifically designed for them.  This facility is the first electron tube manufacturing plant to be built in the United States in decades and incorporates the most advanced manufacturing processes to produce a line of electron devices unparalleled in the world.

Flat Panel X-ray Source offers rapid decontamination.  The FXI Flat Panel Irradiator will rapidly decontaminate virtually all know bacterium     Contact Us

Our Electro-Optics Foundry brings a new paradigm to the manufacture of electro-optic devices. It is the first operation of its kind. We provide a confidential contract manufacturing environment for companies who lack the manufacturing and technical expertise to build these devices. Custom and semi-custom devices that are unavailable elsewhere in production now. We are bringing the "fabless"  manufacturing concept to the world of telecommunications, graphics arts, imaging and remote sensing.

New !!  Optical Crossbar Switch (US Patent 6,842,573)

New !!  Solid State Optical Scanner (US Patent 6,970,626)

New !!  Polarization Sensitive Detectors (pat pending)

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