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   Optical & Scientific Instruments

Hudson Research designs and manufactures a wide range of optical test instruments for research and production applications. These instruments are custom designed to meet the customers specific requirements. We offer three standard test instruments, the HRF-1 Production Interferometer, the UFT-1 Universal / Foucalt Tester, and the HRSP-1 Scanning Photometer. Hudson Research Inc is pleased to announce the next generation of Solid-State Polarization Instrumentation. These instruments all use proprietary electro-optical technology to replace cumbersome and unreliable mechanical components with compact high-speed electro-optic polarization devices. The Polarization Instrumentation product line will be available starting in the fourth quarter of 1998.

Optical Instrumentation Products

  • HRF-1 Production Interferometer
  • UFT-1 Universal Foucalt Tester
  • HRSP-1 Scanning Photometer
  • HIS-2 Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscope
  • Polarization Instrumentation

  • Ellipsometer
  • Polarimeter
  • Scatterometer
  • Semiconductor Process Instruments

    HRF-1 Production Interferometer

    The HRF-1 Production Interferometer is a vertical format Fizeau Interferometer. It has a rapid test plate change capability, a built in camera port with integral electronic shutter, and easy adjustment to accommodate diffrent thickness parts. It is designed for production optical shops and allows readings in seconds on its built in display screen. Its camera port has a standard "T" mount for easy adaptation of film and CCD cameras. The HRF1 can be supplied with a small base for direct mounting on standard optical tables or with a larger base for free-standing application.


    Figure 1: HRF-1 Interferometer CONTACT US For further Information


    UFT-1 Universal Foucalt Tester

    The Hudson Research UFT-1 Universal Foucalt Tester is a precision instrument designed to perform all classical optical bench tests. It incorporates a point source arc lamp with adjustable slit as its source, and has a precision knife edge in a rotary stage mount in its viewing system. The knife edge can be interchanged with a wire for additional versatility. The precision rotary stage permits highly accurate and repeatable measurement and determination of the various zones of the optical element under test. This instrument was originally developed for in-house testing of the IR telescope used in our Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscope for the G-301 Space Shuttle Mission. It is incorporated in our 3 Meter optical bench. The instrument can be supplied with or without a bench and can be supplied with any standard optical bench mounting required.

    Figure 2: UFT-1 Universal Foucalt Tester

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    HIS-2 Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscope:

    Hudson Research is pleased to offer the HIS-2 Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscope as a commercial product. The HIS-2 represents the state-of-the-art in multispectral imaging systems. It is the first commercially available system to offer Sub-BLIP imaging with an uncooled temperature. The ability to image objects that are colder than an uncooled detector is unprecedented. The first Sub-BLIP images that demonstrates this capability are presented at this web site The instrument was originally designed for low earth orbit application, but its commercial version can be customized to suit the users needs. The general specifications (maximum values) are given in table 1 below.

    Spectral Bandwidths and associated Window materials

    Window Material          KRS-5
    Spectral Range:          0.5 microns - 25 microns
    Window Material          Diamond
    Spectral Range:          0.1 microns - 80 microns
    Window Material          Enhanced Silicon
    Spectral Range:          1.5 microns - 40 microns
    Window Material          Vacuum
    Spectral Range: 	 30 GHz - 100 keV

    General Secifications

    Spectral Resolution:     adjustable 32 - 150 nm
    Number of Bands:         16 Filter Wheel Only; Continuous with Fabry-Perot; 4096 Maximum
    Spectral Sensitivity:    Shot-Noise Limited
    Dynamic Range:           >50,000:1
    System Gain:             >1024; digitally programable
    Video Resolution:        4096 x 4096
    Video Acquisition:       Various Scan Sequences includiong Burst mode and continuous Mode

    This diagram shows the general architecture of the HIS instrument.

    Figure 3 HIS-2 Hyperspectral Imaging Spectroscope

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    HRSP-1 Scanning Photometer

    In response to demands from the imaging industry, we have recently introduced the HRSP-1 Scanning Photometer. This instrument is designed to perfom accurate linewidth measurements on CRT in the production environment. It has numerous additional measurement and quality control applications. It features both Analog and Digital readouts for rapid alignment and accurate measurements. It also has outputs for plotters and an RS-232 output is optional. The unit is supplied with NIST traceable calibration any one standard calibration scale. Foot-Lambert calibration is standard.

    Control Head

  • Zero-Center Analog Panel Meter for alignment
  • 3 Digit Panel Meter for Direct Readout in Foot-Lamberts
  • Plotter Output (scalable 0-10 volts DC)
  • Adjustable Trigger
  • Adjustable Threshold
  • Adjustable Gain
  • Adjustable Offset
  • 19" x 5" Rack Mount Housing
  • 110 VAC Power Supply
  • Scanning Head Assembly

  • 18: x 18’ active scan area
  • Precision Ball Bearing Carriage on Hardened Centerless Ground Rails
  • Interchangeable Pinhole, 10 micron standard
  • Manual Z-Axis Adjust with Lock
  • Manual Adjust Scan Position
  • Tripod Mount; adjustable; 18" offset
  • Additional Mounting Holes for Rack Mount
  • The instrument will be calibrated and NIST traceable.

  • Options and Accessories

    Alternate calibration scales optional.
    RS-232 output optional.
    Additional Pinholes in Cells optional. (Other pinhole sizes and calibrations can be substituted at the time of ordering).
    Swing-away Rack mount optional.
    Contact factory for price and delivery
    The instrument is guaranteed for one year against defects in manufacture.
    Instruction Manual is included.

    Figure 4 HRSP-1 Scanning Photometer Control Head

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