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"If you're going to be stupid, you've got to be tough"

 Many companies have not learned the wisdom of this philosophy. Mistakes are made on a regular basis that could easily be avoided if the managers would open their eyes and dispense with their egos. Hudson Research has helped numerous companies to solve seemingly insoluable problems in a variety of areas. This service is usually done on a confidential basis, thus avoiding the "loss of face" problem. We routinely apply various aspects of our skill set to the problems of others. The list below is indicative of the types of services. If you don't see what you are specifically looking for, CONTACT US and we will lend an ear and offer a solution. By the way, if the problem is beyond our capabilities, we will tell you that up front and try to direct you to someone who can help. We routinely sign Confidentiality and Non-disclosure agreements to protect our customers' intellectual property. We will not work where there is a conflict of interest.

  • Intellectual Property Creation & Development
  • Technical Marketing
  • Proposals & Grants
  • Laboratory & Factory Design
  • Process Development
  • Simulation & Modeling
  • Proposals & Grants
  • Technical Documentation
  • Vendor Control
  • CAD
  • Office Systems
  • Manufacturing Control Systems
  • Process Control Systems
  • Client/Server
  • Web Site Design & Development
  • Security  


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