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Optics is one of the oldest of the precision sciences. We have state-of-the-art polishing equipment, capable of producing surfaces with a finish of better than 1/20 of a wave, and as thin as 15 microns with a controllable wedge angle. The polishing machine will handle parts up to 8 inches in diameter. Our diamond wire saw will cut anything!. It is used to cut a variety of materials and is equipped for oriented crystal cutting. Our three meter optical bench is equipped for all classical measurements with a custom built universal tester. Our polarization bench is equipped for ellipsometry, scatterometry and related measurements. Our computer capability includes optical design, thin film design, optical aberation analysis, mechanical design and tolerancing, finite element analysis, etc. The following pictures show some of our equipment in operation. CONTACT US

This is our 3 meter optical bench. It is used for general optical testing. Our Foucalt Tester is shown testing some of the optics for the Space Shuttle mission.

This photo shows the diamond wire saw slicing precoated optical prisms. The wire saw will cut anything (literally0 and the qualityof the cut is so fine that there is no chipping and no burrs are created. We have used this to cut 100 micron wall thickness stainless steel tubing for inspection. We can cut your most difficult materials on this instrument. It is also set up for oriented cutting of crystals. CONTACT US

This is one of our electro-optical development labs. This is where we do specific instrument development as opposed to optical fabriication. CONTACT US


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