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  The Pulsatron is a Cold Cathode Hard Vacuum Triode Switch tube family.  These tubes are all
"three lead devices".  This means no bulky filament transformers or associated circuitry.  This is a
significant advantage for system that operate at voltage in the MegaVolt range.  While still a vacuum tube, the Pulsatron can be treated in the same way as a solid state device.  In many ways, it resembles an SCR in its performance and operational characteristics, except it is a lot faster and more powerful than any SCR in existence.  Unlike other devices, these tubes operate as either Closing or Opening Switch.   Typical specifications are:

  • Maximum Voltage:          >     1 MegaVolt

  • Maximum Current:          ~ 250 KiloAmps

  • Minimum Risetime:              80 - 100 pS (using Low Inductance Socket)

  • Minimum Pulse Width:   ~    2 nS

  • Maximum Pulse Width:  ~  12 μS

  • Maximum Rep Rate:              5 KHz 

  • Size:  12" Long x 5" Diameter;  5 pounds  (Low-Z socket increases diameter by 3")

* Note:  Not all parameters may be achieved simultaneously unless extremely large power supplies   are available. 

We are currently manufacturing three versions:

  • 3275 HV High Current Ultra-fast switch

  • 2750 Avalanche Voltage Sensor

  • 1818 Low Voltage Interface

We have the capability to increase any of the specifications as required.  Higher voltages, currents,    and rep rates can be readily accomplished using our current production capability.

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