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   Quantum Ferroelectric Detectors

  Uncooled Sub-BLIP Imaging

Quantum Ferroelectrics are a new class of broadband uncooled detectors.  They are sensitive from the RF portion of the spectrum (10GHz) to the soft X-ray (around 5 KeV). The spectrum imaged is determined by the choice of input window.  Both point and imaging detectors can be manufactured. They have the unique property of "Target Gain", a physical process which allows the construction of detectors with a Quantum Detection Efficiency greater than unity.  This separates these detectors from all other detectors.

We have recently released the first Sub-BLIP image from our laboratory experiments in the development of the Hyperspectral Imaging System. This image is presented with an accompanying visible light view showing the experimental setup. There is a freezer pack (blue object, 28 F) with a plastic cap (36 F) and a small white plastic button (40 F) in its center, a bag of ice cubes (32 F), a cigarette (coal = 1800 F) and a "tensor" lamp (tungsten filament 5300 K; filtered by glass envelope). Room temperature is 69.3 F as displayed on the digital multimeter in the frame. The infra-red view shows all of these objects, and a hand (98.6 F) in the same frame. This represents an interscene dynamic range of over 5000K!

        Experimental Setup

  Sub-Blip Image




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