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   Single Event Upset Research

  "Single Event Upset" (SEU) is a phenomena that occurs to high density electronics when subjected to radiation fields. When critical dimensions of integrated circuits drop below a certain threshold (generally associated with the 2.5 micron design rule), Alpha particles and other energetic species impinging on an active integrated circuit or device can cause false bits, lock-up, or catastrophic failure. This is considered a significant problem in designing electronics for reliable operation in space. The purpose of this work is to test a novel protection scheme in an actual low eart orbit environment. If successful, it will allow the use of commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) electronics in space applications. The SEU detector is a stand-alone system that detects an event above a specified threshold energy, initiates a protective action. There is a data recording function that provides details of the SEU event to the secondary data acquisition system for recording along with other mission system data. This work is a subset of our Space Shuttle project   CONTACT US For further Information




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