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Simulation and Modeling are keystones of modern engineering and design. Hudson Research Inc. is a firm believer in the values of these techniques and as such has a wide range of tools available for these tasks. In many instances, simulation is the only reasonable method of predicting system performance prior to physically construction. There are countless examples of how these techniques have saved time and money and in some cases averted disaster. One of the most notable examples of this occurred during the design of the retrofit for the Hubble Telescope. Engineers at the prime contractor used Solid Modeling techniqures to simulate the mechanical operation of the optical system components. They found seven places were components would have physically collided with each other and would have rendered the retro-fit package useless. These were corrected prior to construction with no loss of time and minimal expenditure. Complex aircraft systems such as the B-2, F-22 and 777 have been developed entirely in software (no paper drawings at all) with spectacular results. It is unlikely that any future aircraft will be built in any other fashion. CONTACT US For further Information

At Hudson Research, we have simulation and modeling tools for the following types of analysis:

Symbolic Mathematics; Finite Element Analysis; 3D Solid Modeling; Microwave Circuit Design; Microstrip Design; Smith Charts; Phased Array Antenna; SPICE; Circuit Simulation; Neural Networks; Digital Logic; Optical Thin Film Systems; Optical Lens Systems; Optical System Performance; Atomic Collision & Interaction; Spacecraft Orbital Analysis; Electron Optics Design; Wargaming & Defense Strategy; Crystallographic Analysis   



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