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Hudson Research has entered the space era with several interesting activities. In 1995, we were appointed the Payload Manager for the Bowling Green State University (BGSU) G-301 experiment. This is a "Get-away-Special" package that is being flown by the Geology department. The experiment is a remote sensing project based on the unique characteristics of the Hyperspectral Imaging System developed by Hudson Research and its affiliates. Among the experimental goals are the sensing of methane and other gasses from low earth orbit and remote sensing of earthquake precursors. A prototype system for mitigating the effects of Single Event Upset (SEU) is also being flown on this mission. Hudson Research is providing payload management, systems integration, electronic, optical and mechanical design and fabrication. This includes a special broadband zoom lens that will allow ground resolution of 10 meters to 100 meters per pixel. The actual imaging system is capable of much greater resolution, but the limitations of the particular Space Shuttle program/package caused us to set the resolution as described. The system is controlled by an artificial intelligence system with an embedded GPS receiver which provides a full autonomous control capability.

G-301 Experiment

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