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It seems difficult to imagine that in the 21st century that Electron Tubes would be noteworthy.  Yet, there are still a number of tasks where tubes outperform solid state devices.  In some cases there are tasks that can only be done by tubes.

Hudson Research Inc. has devoted a significant effort to the development of several classes of Electron Tubes that fill market requirements inaccessible by  solid state devices.  For some of these devices, Hudson Research is the sole domestic source and in a few cases sole global source.

Hudson Research electron tubes are all based on our proprietary cold cathode technology.  This cathode has been demonstrated to produce 81,000 Amps/cm2 in the pulse mode and 500 Amps/cm2 in the continuous mode. 

Current tube types in production:

  • 3275 Pulsatron   (High Voltage High Current Ultra-fast Switch)

  • 2750 Pulsatron   (Avalanche Voltage Sensor)

  • 1818 Pulsatron   (Low Voltage Interface)

  • Vircatron              (Vircator equivalent)

  • Milotron                (Magnetically Insulated Linear Oscillator equivalent)


Other tube types available:

  • Magnetron:                         A cold cathode high efficiency magnetron. 

  • SXE X-ray Laser:               Cold Cathode source of coherent x-rays from 0.4 KeV to 98 KeV

  • FXI Flash X-ray source:    Flat Panel incoherent  x-ray tube for bio-decontamination

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