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          Variable Electro-Optical Mirror

  The VEOM is a generic electro-optical device that can take the place of any of a number of different optical components, depending on how it is built and biased in operation. It is based on a simple thin film structure that can be manufactured with conventional techniques. The device can be implemented as a mirror, window, beamsplitter, shutter, light modulator, variable wave plate, or optical logic element. It requires no micro-machining and has higher predicted performance than any similar types of device.

There are many applications and derivatives of this technology. One of the interesting aspects of this technology is its scalability. It can be manifest as a nanoscale device or as large sheets of architectural glass. In both cases, the technology to apply the coatings already exists. It can be built to be either polarization sensitive or polarization insensitive. It can be built to operate at a fixed color as a variable reflectance device with full operating range from "window" to "beamsplitter" to "mirror". It can be built to operate as a tunable spectral filter, with or without variable reflectance at each discrete color (frequency). These different functionality's are achieved by variations in the manufacturing process. They can all be applied at any scale of construction.

This is a simulation of a typical VEOM device. It implements a broadband rejection (variable neutral density) function.


Here is a two color notch filter. It is designed for suppression two laser lines simultaneously.

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