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  There exists a unique class of RF output electron tubes known as the Vircator.   This
stands for Virtual Cathode Oscillator.  These tubes are capable of producing extremely
large bursts of RF energy .  Currently, Hudson Research Inc is the only domestic
manufacturer of these tubes. OUr version is a cold cathode design known as
the Vircatron
  • Advanced 3 Terminal Design
  •  No Filament  (Cold Cathode)
  • Specify Output Frequency range
  • Standard Tube 200MHz > 2 GHz
  • Multiple Output Coupling Techniques available
  • Operating voltage 10KV to 1MV
  • Compact Lightweight
  • Ruggedized Version available (50,000G rated)
  • 3" diameter x 8" long  3 pounds

     * Flange shown not present in
       production devices.



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